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No Smoke, Less Harm: A Path to Saving Lives

Despite public health campaigns, nicotine myths persist. Learn how tobacco harm reduction (THR) strategies, like Sweden's approach, can save millions of lives by embracing safer nicotine alternatives.


Introduction to the Report: No Smoke, Less Harm

Exploring Sweden's success in tobacco harm reduction, this report reviews smoke-free alternatives and their impact on health, demonstrating significant benefits compared to other European countries.


Lives Saved Report: Brazil

Discover how Brazil can prevent 1.3 million tobacco-related deaths with our groundbreaking report on integrating harm reduction into tobacco control.


Lives Saved Report Launch

Explore our report on tobacco control in LMICs, highlighting gender disparities & unique challenges. Discover how harm reduction can save lives.


More than 2.5 million lives could be saved in four LMICs countries by adopting Sweden’s smoke-free strategy – major new report

This groundbreaking study showcases the potential to save 2.6 million lives by adopting harm reduction strategies in four developing nations, offering hope in the fight against tobacco-related deaths.


Relaxed controls on vaping products could prevent Aussie deaths

Australian government could prevent up to 104,200 deaths by 2080 by relaxing restrictions on vaping products, says Georgetown University (USA) study.


Letter to Malaysian PM: A Call for Risk-Proportionate Regulation of ENDS

On 14 July 2022, a Malaysia press release reported that the draft of the proposed [Tobacco and Smoking Control Bill](https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2022/07/14/cabinet-gives-nod…


Global Experts Call For Increased Access To Safer Nicotine Products

The 9th Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw promotes tobacco harm reduction through safer alternatives, with a study by Dr. Lars Ramström supporting this approach.


Interview with Dr Derek Yach: How innovation in THR represents the single most impactful public health opportunity

Enlightening interview with Dr Derek Yach by Taco Tuinstra from [Tobacco Reporter](https…


EVIDENCE: How do vaping flavours help save lives?

Check out our latest video to stay informed of the role that vaping flavours play in saving lives!


In Favour of Flavour - A Key Report On How Flavours in Tobacco Harm Reduction Save Lives

E-Cig banners-01 (1).png

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos’ multidimensional report on vaping flavours titled “The case for flavours in tobacco harm reduction to save lives” examines the science, consumer insights, risks and regulat…


Public health implications of vaping in USA: Prof Levy’s SAVM model predicts 38.9 million life years saved, and 1.8 million deaths avoided by 2060

Prof David Levy reveals at No Smoke Summit that regular vape use significantly boosts smoking cessation, potentially saving 1.8 million lives by 2060.