"5% by 2040 - can we do it? - Promising smoking cessation strategies". Frankfurt University E-Cig Conference brings together global experts on tobacco harm reduction.

The Institute for Addiction Research (ISFF) organised the 5th specialist conference on October 12th, 2022.

The 5th conference is about the ambitious goal of reducing the smoking prevalence in the adult population to below 5% by 2040 (currently 32%): Which strategies can lead to the fact that this goal is also achieved?

They invited speakers who spoke on the following topics (click HERE for the playlist);

  1. Dual Use

  2. "... and if we make it...? What is to be expected for morbidity/mortality with low smoking prevalence, when are relief effects likely to occur?”

  3. Recent developments: RESET (a framework for tobacco harm reduction products)

  4. Workplace health promotion / smoking cessation

  5. Nicotine – to blame for everything? About misunderstandings and facts about the premature mortality of smokers

  6. Now it's getting tasteless - debate about flavors - what we know, what we should know

  7. Flavors: Relevance from a consumer perspective

  8. Smoking movers, non-smoking magistrates - social and health inequalities in smoking prevalence

  9. The RauS study - variety of individual strategies from tobacco addiction

  10. Position paper 2.0

Click on the video below to watch Dr. Delon Human discussing the RESET framework for THR.

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