Learnings from Smoke-Free Sweden: A Global Consultation

In the run-up to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’s Tenth Conference of Parties (FCTC COP10), which will bring together delegations from every signatory in Panama this November, Smoke-Free Sweden toured the world to engage with international experts. The goal was to study how adult smokers in Sweden have saved millions of their lives.

We visited Warsaw, Dhaka, Johannesburg, Stockholm, and São Paulo. And the message was unequivocal: Sweden has made smokeless alternatives to cigarettes accessible, acceptable, and affordable – and that’s what has been critical to its success in becoming smoke-free.

From our conversations with experts around the world, the clear consensus was that Sweden did things differently. We wanted to understand; how exactly Sweden's approach to alternative nicotine products led to its success. And how can we explain why tobacco control and education measures alone are not enough to reduce smoking prevalence? The Smoke-Free Sweden movement came away with some clear insights.

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