Measuring Progress in Achieving the FCTC Objectives.

The COP10 Scorecard, compiled by global health experts, draws upon recent World Health Organization (WHO) reports to assess progress made by Parties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

We were inspired by the recent report card published by the Economist on the eve of COP28 held in the UAE. Our scorecard aims to help Parties and civil society decide whether they believe that the FCTC is on track to end smoking and the use of toxic smokeless tobacco products in the fastest possible time, noting that many millions of lives are at stake. We believe that our Scorecard contributes to holding WHO and Parties accountable for taking actions, that they have committed, to by adopting and ratifying the FCTC.

We believe that this Scorecard should be a wake-up call to Member States who are committed to reducing tobacco-related diseases and premature death. In short, to improve the health of their people.

Read the full Scorecard here

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