Lives Saved Report Launch

We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking report, "Lives Saved - Integrating Harm Reduction Into Tobacco Control" which delves into the critical issue of tobacco control policies in four Low- and Middle-Income countries (LMICs): Kazakhstan, Pakistan, South Africa, and Bangladesh. In a world where current global approaches have been unable to halt the devastating toll of tobacco-related deaths, this report sheds light on a pressing concern. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a staggering 8.5 million annual tobacco-related deaths, with projections reaching 10 million before a slow decline begins.

Within the context of these four countries, where 350,000 people succumb prematurely to tobacco use each year, we uncover a significant gender gap in smoking rates and related fatalities, resulting in disparities in life expectancy. Furthermore, the common use of toxic smokeless tobacco products in Pakistan and Bangladesh adds a unique dimension to the problem. Tobacco-related causes, including heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke, lung cancer, and tuberculosis (TB), stand as leading causes of death in these nations.

Our report's mission is to arm policymakers and public health experts with crucial estimates of the potential benefits of tobacco harm reduction (THR), improved cessation, and enhanced access to lung cancer diagnostics and treatment in the battle against premature deaths. We emphasize the pivotal role of time in addressing tobacco-related diseases and underscore the need to prioritize middle-aged smokers and users of toxic smokeless tobacco products.

The findings of our study reveal that through the widespread adoption of THR and related measures, we can save countless lives in these countries. For example, Kazakhstan could prevent 165,000 premature deaths in the next four decades, while South Africa, Bangladesh, and Pakistan could collectively save 320,000, 920,000, and 1,200,000 lives, respectively. This report issues a compelling call to action, demanding changes at various levels, from Member States and WHO to governments, physicians, THR users, and industry stakeholders.

Together, we can chart a path towards a future where countless lives are saved from the scourge of tobacco-related deaths.

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