Lives Saved Report: Brazil

We are excited to introduce our latest ground-breaking report, "Lives Saved - Integrating Harm Reduction Into Tobacco Control" which delves into the critical issue of tobacco control policies in Brazil. In a world where current global approaches have been unable to halt the devastating toll of tobacco-related deaths, this report sheds light on a pressing concern.

This report addresses the pressing issue of tobacco control policies and their impact on health outcomes in Brazil. It builds on related reports addressing four other Low-Middle Income Countries; Kazakhstan, Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh; The key methods used in the past reports have been used here to assure comparability and where necessary, adjustments have been made.

The report aims to provide policymakers and public health experts with estimates of the potential benefits of tobacco harm reduction (THR), improved cessation, and better access to lung cancer diagnostics and treatment to reduce premature deaths. It notes that alcohol use and abuse is extremely high and has negative synergistic effects with tobacco requiring integrated control.

The study’s key findings indicate that significant lives can be saved in Brazil through the widespread adoption of THR and related measures. For instance, Brazil could prevent 1,364,000 premature deaths in the next four decades.

Together, we can chart a path towards a future where countless lives are saved from the scourge of tobacco-related deaths.

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