Interview with Dr Derek Yach: How innovation in THR represents the single most impactful public health opportunity

Enlightening interview with Dr Derek Yach by Taco Tuinstra from Tobacco Reporter, in which Dr Yach explains how the innovation of THR represents the single most impactful public health opportunity. In his remarks, he described how independently verifying the science underpinning reduced-risk products transformed his thinking with regards to engaging with industry:

"The history of distrust is very deep, and very difficult to overcome. In my mind, the way I overcame it was by actually looking at the science, and looking at the evidence, and realising that the benefits for public health were so big that I needed to overcome my initial concerns.

It doesn’t require you trusting industry to move ahead, it requires you verifying what they are saying they are doing: verify the quality of the science, verify it in terms of long-term studies, look at the genomics, the metabolomics, the epidemiological and clinical studies. There’s no trust involved in that - just an independent ability to judge the science." - Dr Derek Yach

Full interview HERE 👇

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