COP 10 Concludes with Historic Decision on Environmental Protection and Tobacco Control

COP 10 - Day 6 Proceedings

COP 10 concluded on day 6 with a far-reaching decision that will protect the environment and the health of people. "We have taken a historic decision on Article 18," said Dr. Adriana Blanco Marquizo, Head of the WHO FCTC Secretariat, describing the action to strengthen the article of WHO FCTC focused on the protection of the environment and the health of all people.The decision also addressed the issue of cigarette filters.

COP 10's key decisions:

  • Two expert groups were established – one to work on forward-looking tobacco control measures under Article 2.1, and another to focus on Article 19, which concerns liability.
  • The _Global Strategy to Accelerate Tobacco Control 2019–2025 _was extended for five more years so that it fully aligns with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • Improvements agreed upon for the WHO FCTC reporting system will not only strengthen the quality of the data on the implementation of the Convention but also will improve efficiency by avoiding the duplication of data already collected by WHO.
  • COP adopted a decision on Article 18, urging Parties to take account of the environmental impacts arising from the cultivation, manufacture, and consumption of tobacco products, as well as the waste they create, and to strengthen implementation of this Article, including thorough national policies related to tobacco and protection of the environment.

Articles 9 & 10 (agenda item 6.1) have been postponed to COP11. At the closing of COP 10, the venue for COP 11, in 2025, is not determined. Reina Roa will be the President.


ORCHID AWARD: Presented to Panama for "their hospitality, leadership, commitment to tobacco control, and resistance to tobacco industry interference."

DIRTY ASHTRAY: To the Philippines for "its brazen use of tobacco industry tactics of obstinate dispute and delay throughout the COP"

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