Health Canada is seeking comments on their proposed ban on flavours in vaping products (e-cigarettes). Deadline: 2 September 2021(at noon EDT)

Why the consultation is important to THR:

Health Canada has identified the availability of a variety of desirable flavours in vaping products, despite the current vaping restrictions, as one of the factors contributing to the rapid rise in youth vaping in Canada. However, banning almost all flavours, will make it less likely for adult smokers to switch to less harmful vaping products, or use them to quit tobacco altogether. Ultimately, the unintended consequence of such a ban can be very detrimental to both tobacco control and harm reduction.

How you can help

Health Canada is seeking comments from health partners, general public, interested members of the industry, and people who vape, use tobacco products, or use both vaping and tobacco products. Please send in your comments before the deadline.

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