Published letter from Spanish THR advocates signing a declaration for a smoke-free Spain backed by 170 national and international experts. “Useful beyond Spain and a great piece of work” - says Clive Bates of Counterfactual Consulting Ltd.

Approximately 30% of adults between 15-64 are current smokers in Spain - shows the latest available data. There is a well-funded and vocal abstinence-only tobacco control establishment in Spain, and it seems to do its utmost to fight tobacco harm reduction.

Clive Bates’ latest blog post with text, commentary and a 2 minute video explaining THR is well worth a read/listen and can be found here: A powerful declaration makes a compelling case for tobacco harm reduction. His tweet is here.

The international letter can be found here: Less Harm: international declaration for a smoke-free Spain (PDF)

“So this is a call for the government to pay a little less attention to them and to reflect more on the opportunity to do better through THR.” says Clive. “Tireless work and energy from Carmen Escrig to pull this together and kudos to the Plataforma para la reducción del daño por tabaquismo.”

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