Nicotine And The Weirdness Of Harm – New Article By Clive Bates

The availability of nicotine with minimal harm justifies a complete rethink of our approach to this legal recreational drug.”

The latest article by Clive Bates of Counterfactual Consulting in the tobacco reporter magazine provides some interesting insights into his views on the weirdness of why low risk nicotine products are being demonised and compared with class A drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Clive discusses the benefits of nicotine, from improved cognition and focus to reducing stress and anxiety, and asks the question: why are we not re-looking at nicotine and considering that its use is not all that harmful? What if the real problem was always the inhalation of toxic smoke while trying to consume nicotine for its benefits?

Clive discusses the several forms that this ‘weirdness of harms’ takes when it comes to this low – risk drug.

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