Oral health experts highlight Swedish success with snus products

An all-star panel of global public health experts came together in a hybrid event (click here) on 30th November to highlight the success that Sweden has achieved in reducing smoking rates to just 5%, and ensuring the lowest lung, oral, larynx, heart disease, stroke and COPD rates amongst men in Europe.

The panel also discussed the worldwide issues with the regulation and acceptance of snus and oral nicotine products and discussed opportunities and practical ideas for how individuals, organizations and governments can create change through simple incentive schemes. Dr. Delon Human mentioned that if we applied the same principles and practices that governments used during the covid19 pandemic, we could save many lives in tobacco control through the acceptance and risk-proportionate regulation of snus and oral nicotine products. (Click here to keep up to date with the Swedish twitter campaign.)

The panel featured:

Dr. Derek Yach - Physician and global health consultant.

Professor Mihaela Răescu - Dentist and oral health expert.

Professor Karl Fagerström - Psychologist and inventor of the Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence, which is a standard instrument for assessing the intensity of physical addiction to nicotine.

Dr. Anders Milton - Physician with extensive experience in public service, a highly sought-after consultant in the healthcare sector and a former chair of the World Medical Association (WMA).

Professor Solomon Rataemane - Professor of Psychiatry and expert in mood disorders.

Joseph Magero - Public policy professional and Chairman of Campaign for Safer Alternatives.

Lars Ramström - Former Director of the Institute for Tobacco Studies and oral nicotine / snus expert.

Dr. Delon Human - Physician and global public health consultant.

Dr. Kgosi Letlape - Physician and health care leader from South Africa.

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